Vestpointe Wealth Management provides sophisticated tax planning services that work in conjunction with your investment portfolio, business interests, and estate plan. We design tax strategies to help you take advantage of tax savings opportunities allowed within the law, including the use of entities such as partnerships, corporations, and trusts.

Throughout the year, we provide tax projections, quarterly tax estimates, and year end analysis. Our ongoing tax planning includes finding lost deductions, leveraging capital losses to reduce capital gains, and minimizing the impact of the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT). We advise our clients on the tax impact of important decisions, such as business or real estate transactions, executive compensation plans, significant gifts, and retirement programs for business owners.

Tax strategies and plans are finalized in the preparation of tax returns. Vestpointe Wealth Management has an expert team of Certified Public Accountants that prepare accurate and comprehensive tax returns for individuals, corporations, partnerships, trusts, private foundations, and estates. Our integrated investment management and tax consulting services streamline the tax preparation process.